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Cho-Yeh's traditional Christian summer camp program for campers age 6-16.

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Activities & Recreation

From Activities to Recreation

There is sometimes a temptation to see camp as an opportunity to cram as much activity as possible into a few short days.  In providing a wide array of recreational offerings, we don't want to send the message that camp is just about activities.  What we seek to provide is a context that will facilitate meaningful relationships, and in those relationships we look forward to seeing God work to change lives.

For that reason, we distinguish between "activities," and "recreation."  In many ways they are indeed synonymous, but there is an important distinction.  You can engage in activities as ends in themselves.  In this sense, activity is simply the opposite of inactivity; it is "doing stuff."  The word "recreation," speaks of something more.  It is activity that has meaning.  Literally the word says RE-CREATION, to create again, or anew.  These are activities that call us to be literally made new, to grow, to change and be changed.  It is the difference between stepping off a zipline for the mere thrill, and choosing to take a leap of faith that is a small step toward overcoming fears of all kinds in life.  These recreational activities are intentional and are designed to bring people together and move them forward.

We, at Camp Cho-Yeh, are well-versed in the design of experiences that setup opportunities for life change.  We know what our camp has to offer and would love the opportunity to walk you through the design of a program that helps bring about the outcomes you desire for your group.  We would love to take you on a tour or sit down with you to help think through all of the elements of your group retreat experience.

Please use the menu at left or above to look through our many recreational offerings, and then call one of our Retreat Coordinators at (936) 328-3200 for more information.