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Cho-Yeh's traditional Christian summer camp program for campers age 6-16.

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Housing at Camp Cho-Yeh

We have a range of housing styles to fit your group's needs.  With very limited exceptions, all of our housing is dormitory style with the vast majority of beds being bunk style beds.  As you look through the different housing options, variations will be noted; or we welcome the opportunity to give you a tour of our property.

Please use the links at left to navigate through the different types of housing for detailed information, including layouts, features, and more other information you would need to know.  

For information on our housing rates, please visit our Rates and Reservations page.  All housing is subject to the same pricing structure except for our more economical Rustic cabins.

As an overview, it is helpful to know that our housing options fall into 4 basic categories:

Retreat Center Lodge

Single lodge building comprised of 20 rooms with 8 beds and 1 bath each.

Modern Cabins

We have 19 modern cabins in various regional clusters throughout the camp.  They sleep 20 people and have bathrooms inside. 

Rustic Cabins

Our Treehouses and A-Frames are more nostalgic, with bathhouses just steps away from the cabin.  They come with a lower price tag and offer a truly unique camp experience.

Dogwood and Magnolia

These cabins are both laid out quite differently from any of our others.  They both have 4 separate rooms, each with its own bathroom.  Both have a common room in the middle, but they differ significantly.  Click on their names or use the menu at left to see more information about them.