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Cho-Yeh's traditional Christian summer camp program for campers age 6-16.

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Modern Cabins

Our dormitory-style modern cabins feature spacious front porches, central heating and cooling, interior bathrooms, wood paneling, and vaulted ceilings.  They are typically able to sleep 20 people in bunk beds.  In total, we have 19 modern cabins, most of which are configured as shown with one large sleeping room.  Two of these cabins are ADA accessible, and have two sleeping rooms with a capacity of about 12 guests each and a center bathroom.

Our modern cabins are located throughout our camp facility and are situated in clusters of 3-4 cabins per quad, allowing for about 80 guests per grouping.  Each quad has its own central campfire circle which helps create a sense of community and can serve as a space for informal gatherings.  The quads are far enough away from each other to give a sense of seclusion, but close enough that a large group could easily utilize multiple cabin clusters.

Each cabin group has access to meeting facilities within a 5-10 minute walk.

Modern cabins are located in Sweetgum Hollow, Hickory Ridge, and Walnut Hill regions of the camp.

By the numbers:

20 beds per cabin
19 cabins
3-4 cabins per quad
5 cabin quads
388 total beds in modern cabins

2 nights/ 4 meals starting from $114/person
Call Faith at (936) 243-4925 or 
E-mail for reservations.