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Cho-Yeh's traditional Christian summer camp program for campers age 6-16.

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Rustic Cabins

Our nostalgic, rustic cabins offer you the classic camp experience that can fit any budget!  Their charm and history capture the heart of camping while providing the essential comforts that make the experience more accessible to a range of people.  More creature comforts do not always equal a better camp experience.  There is something unique about venturing outside your cabin to use the restroom.  Special bonding happens when you engage in an experience that is a little further away from the everyday.

Our dormitory-style rustic cabins feature classical designs, simplicity of experience, and imaginative architecture.  All rustic cabins have wall units with heat and air conditioning.  Bathroom facilities are located in nearby bathhouses that are basic and functional--with hot and cold running water!  

Our 8 tree houses float high among the tree canopy, giving the feel of adventure and a trip into the wild.  They sleep 14 people in bunk beds with foam mattresses.  Our tree house cabins are situated in adjacent pairs which share a single gender bathhouse just steps away.  There is one additional tree house that can be used as a leader's cabin that has a small interior Jack and Jill bathroom and is capable of housing a couple plus 4 people in a separate room.

Our four A-frames capture the imagination with notions of gingerbread cottages found at the end of a trail of breadcrumbs.  Under their non-edible pitched roofs lie beds for 12 people per cabin.  Once again, bathroom facilities are a short walk away, and basic heating and cooling is included.  These cabins are also grouped in pairs.

Each cabin group has access to meeting facilities within a 5-10 minute walk.

Tree houses are located in the Walnut Hill region.
A-frames are found at the top of 
Hickory Ridge region.

Tree houses by the numbers:

14 beds per tree house (except leader cabin)
2 cabins per section
8 tree houses total (plus leader cabin)
117 total beds in tree houses

 by the numbers:

12 beds per A-frame
2 cabins per section
4 A-frames total 
48 total beds in A-frames

2 nights/ 4 meals starting from $92/person

Call Faith at (936) 243-4925 or 
E-mail for reservations.