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Cho-Yeh's traditional Christian summer camp program for campers age 6-16.

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 The Cottage

Among our many different kinds of housing at camp, there is one very special place which is reserved for a particular use.  We call it simply, the Cottage.  Its primary purpose is to be a place to support those who are in full-time Christian ministry.  Ministry is demanding, and we recognize that when leaders bring people to camp, it is not necessarily a time of refreshment for them as they are busy taking care of others.  Because of that, we offer our Cottage as a place for people to get away, spend time with God, connect with their families, and generally experience times of refreshment and renewal.  When the Cottage is being used for this purpose, it is offered free of charge.

It is also available for use by our guest groups during their events, either for the group leader or a special guest or speaker. Under these circumstances, the Cottage is charged at the same rate as our standard modern cabins.  

The Cottage is a beautiful, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home located in our Hickory Ridge section of camp.  It features a spacious living room, full kitchen, scenic back deck, covered front porch (complete with rocking chairs and ceiling fans), and beautifully decorated bedrooms.  

Due to high demand, availability is often limited--particularly on weekends, and the Cottage is not available during the summer months.

By the numbers:

3 bedrooms (master, bunk room, guest room)
2 bathrooms
1 fully equipped kitchen

Regular cabin rates apply when used as part of a guest group,
subject to availability.

2 nights/ 4 meals from $114/person (or less!)
Call (936) 243-4911 or email