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Cho-Yeh's traditional Christian summer camp program for campers age 6-16.

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Nourishing the Body to Feed the Soul

You may have heard it said that the kitchen is the heart of the home; this was never so true as it is at camp.  Our ministry of hospitality includes a key focus on serving high quality, great tasting food.  We are constantly working to make our menu one that people keep coming back for.  Whether it is our signature pulled pork, our fresh-baked cinnamon rolls, or simply the use of real eggs (the kind that have shells, not plastic bags), we want to be known for cooking food that people love to eat!  We also recognize that ministry to the whole person means taking care of physical needs as well as spiritual needs.  

Because of the high volume of guests that we are serving, we have a limited ability to cater to individual food needs, but you can read more about that here.  

This page pertains to our Guest Retreats only, to see information about food service during our summer camp programs, click here.  

Camp Cho-Yeh no longer allows groups to provide their own meals.  Meals must be prepared and served by our food service department.