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Cho-Yeh's traditional Christian summer camp program for campers age 6-16.

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Food Service

Special Dietary Considerations for Guest Retreats

Please note that this information is intended for out Guest Retreats only, and not for our summer camp.  For information on food service during our summer camps please visit this page.

We hope that your time at Camp Cho-Yeh is as enjoyable as possible in every way.  In our food service department, we seek to nourish the body in order that your soul may also be nourished.  One of the challenges we face is how to accommodate a wide variety of guests—many of whom have special dietary needs and wants.  Because we are often serving hundreds of people at the same time, our ability to accommodate special dietary needs is quite limited, but we are making strides to design our menu to be friendly to the major groupings of dietary restrictions that we often see.  In some cases we simply will not be able to accommodate individual needs, and in those instances we invite you to bring your own food along.  We are able to provide limited storage, refrigeration, and access to a microwave for those needing to opt out of our meals.  Our meal substitutions may not be available on our standard serving line, so please ask out staff members at meal times.

Peanuts—We recognize that peanut allergies have become very widespread, and can be very severe in some cases.  Because of that, we have eliminated the overt use of peanuts in our food service for guest retreats at Camp Cho-Yeh.  While we have eliminated things like peanut butter and peanut butter cookies and are working to eliminate foods that contain peanuts, we are unable to ensure that our kitchen is entirely peanut free or that certain products have not been subject to cross-contamination with peanut products or shared equipment.  At this point, our retail food store may still contain peanut products such as candy bars, so please follow standard practices to ensure your safety. 

Wheat/Gluten—Our menu is designed to make sure that those with gluten allergies or sensitivities will have enough to eat.  This does not mean that we will always provide a gluten-free alternative.  Where gluten is central to a meal, such as a pasta dish, we will typically provide a gluten-free alternative.  Where gluten is present in an optional part of a meal, such as a dinner roll, we will not provide an alternative.  Similarly, if we are serving eggs, bacon, and pancakes for breakfast, we will not provide gluten-free pancakes, but will be happy to provide extra quantities of eggs or gluten free cereals.  We are working hard to eliminate foods with gluten fillers so that any gluten content may be readily identified.  Still, cross contamination is likely, so please plan accordingly if you have severe reactions.

Vegetarians—For our vegetarian guests, we will often (not always) provide a vegetarian option when meat is central to the meal.  For example, we will provide veggie burgers alongside hamburgers, or we will allow people to choose to add meatballs to an otherwise vegetarian marinara sauce if desired.  Overall, however, our salad bar will be an important aspect of our food service for vegetarians.  We provide protein sources as a regular part of our salad bar, and it is a standard part of our lunch and dinner meals when served in the dining room.  Other than our salad bar, we are unable to accommodate vegan guests.


If you have allergies, preferences, or sensitivities beyond these, we cannot ensure that our food service will meet your needs, but you  are always invited to bring your own food.  In any case, we need to know about your food-related needs prior to arrival or as soon as possible once you are here.  Menus are generally available to group leaders prior to arrival at camp.  Please feel free to contact one of our staff members if we can be of further assistance.

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