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Cho-Yeh's traditional Christian summer camp program for campers age 6-16.

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Child Protection Resources

The safety of our guests is our first priority.  There are two modes of operation for us at Camp Cho-Yeh, and our child protection procedures differ according to whether a child is attending summer camp (see our Summer Camp Child Abuse Prevention Page) or coming to camp through a guest group that we are hosting.  The primary difference is that when we are hosting guest groups, the church, school, or organization that is conducting the retreat is the primary party responsible for the adults that are in cabins with kids.  

On this page, you will find information about measures that we at Camp Cho-Yeh take to ensure that no child is harmed at camp.  You will also find our recommendations for groups using Camp Cho-Yeh.  For groups whose stay at camp consists of three or more nights, these recommendations are part of our requirements for groups as part of our compliance with the Texas Department of State Health Services Rules for Youth Camps .  

Camp Cho-Yeh's Practices:

Camp Cho-Yeh is proud to be a member of Praesidium’s Camp Care.  Our decision to exceed national standards of care comes from our strong commitment to protect our staff, volunteers, and campers.  Safety is always our primary concern for all events at camp, so we have partnered with Praesidium to make sure we have policies and procedures in place to facilitate effective monitoring and supervision in order to protect campers from abuse and staff and volunteers from false allegations of abuse.  Below is an overview of the steps we take to keep our campers safe at Camp.


Studies have shown that spotlighting is one of the biggest deterrents to potential predators. Throughout the application, interview and training process of our staff, we make it very clear that we are committed to keeping potential predators out of Camp Cho-Yeh and that Cho-Yeh will not be an easy target. If you have ill intentions, you better go somewhere else!  We're going to hunt you down and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law!

Screening Staff:

We believe that the best way to keep our campers safe is by keeping all potential abusers out of camp! Therefore, we are incredibly thorough in the screening of all our staff. Each application is carefully read and reviewed by two full time staff.  Each applicant has a personal interview with either an assistant director or director.  During the application and interview process, strategic questions are asked to help us identify red flag answers.   

All applicants must have three references and then submit a Voluntary Disclosure statement.  Thorough national background checks are performed on all full-time and seasonal staff employed by Camp Cho-Yeh every year.

Staff Training:

All staff complete an excellent online abuse prevention training program hosted by Praesidium.  We make sure our staff all know the signs of an abuser and their role and responsibility in keeping our campers safe.

Policies and Procedures:

Cho-Yeh has policies and procedures in place to facilitate effective monitoring and supervision in order to protect campers from abuse and staff and volunteers from false allegations of abuse.

Reporting and Response:

Protocols are in place for all staff and campers to report suspected incidents.


Requirements for Guest Retreat Groups at Camp Cho-Yeh for at least 3 Nights (Highly recommended for all others supervising youth regardless of duration):

  • A complete and satisfactory background check of all adults in supervision of children must be completed and documented.  Checks must be conducted annually and must include a minimum of a criminal background check and a sex offender registry check.
  • Groups must submit documentation that demonstrates that all adults in direct supervision of youth have completed a Texas state-approved training and examination program in child protection and abuse prevention within the previous 2 years.

To read the actual requirements of the the Texas Health and Safety code pertaining to youth camps, please visit the Texas Department of State Health Services website by clicking here.  

We have included links below to additional resources that will be helpful in obtaining the required screening and training services at a reasonable cost.  Please contact us if you have any further questions.


Resources for Group Leaders

Camp Cho-Yeh uses Praesidium for background checks and online training.  We would be happy to make arrangements for your group to do the same.  We can simply add the cost to your contract.  Call for details.


The United States Department of Justice
National Sex Offender Public Website 
This is merely a public registry of sex offenders and not a full background check, but provides a helpful starting point in screening adults who will be supervising children.




Resources for Parents

Stop It Now!®

Since 1992 Stop It Now!® has been preventing the sexual abuse of children by helping adults, families and communities take actions that keep kids safe - especially before they are ever harmed.