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Cho-Yeh's traditional Christian summer camp program for campers age 6-16.

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Phrases you'll hear around camp!

A/O Showdown: Alphas and Omegas get to compete daily to strut their stuff

Cabin devo: cabin time at night to recap what went on at Bible study and a time for cabin's to fellowship together

Chogram: at the beginning and end of the week there is a mini concert with fun and worshipful music, skits, camper awards and much more

Cho-mance: a relationship formed at Cho-Yeh

Cho-metro: the fancy people movers that help you get from place to place

Cho-rash: what happens when you don't change out of wet clothes

Cho-dome: covered basketball court

Cho-butt: what happens when you sit in damp grass

H2-Chomania: time to throw water balloons, smear shaving cream on people and play in Lake Evelyn

Hickory Ridge: campsite for middle and high school girls

Growl: poop

Prowl: leadership members check cabins at night with red headlamps after lights-out.

Pretty Potty: a daily competition for cleanest cabin

Purpling: doesn't happen if we make room for Jesus

Rally: a jam packed hour of energizers, random songs, skits and the unexpected

Ray Chiggins: the wise old man that tells the Alpha and Omega history

Slop tray: the counselor does something a little strange at the dining table and the last one to copy it slops the trays into the trash.  It gets a little crazy!

Sweet Gum: campsite for campers in elementary school

The Lease: a big open field where we play just about anything you could think of

Walnut Hill: campsite for middle and high school boys

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