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Cho-Yeh's traditional Christian summer camp program for campers age 6-16.

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Frequently Asked questions


Camp Life

What are the details for Check In/Check Out?

Parents must accompany their camper through all stations of check-in and check-out. Allow about 1.5 hours for check-in and about 1 hour for check-out. Want more details? Check out our Opening and Closing day page.

What should I pack?

We will email you a packing list with details called the Parent Info Sheet in late spring so you can get everything ready in time. Starting at that time you will also be able to find it in the Forms and Documents section of your parent account. In the meantime, check out the What to Pack section for a general list.

What kind of trunk should we pack in?

Please be sure to purchase a trunk that is no more than 16" high so that your camper is able to fit it under the bed. We recommend the plastic "footlocker" style that can be purchased at Academy.

Will my camper have laundry service during a two-week EPIC session?

We have a partnership with a local Laundromat and you have the option to have your camper’s laundry done over the weekend. The laundry will be collected on Saturday, washed, folded and returned by Sunday afternoon. Laundry service is available at an additional price of $15 per camper.

What happens if my child's birthday occurs during Camp?

Birthdays that occur during the Camp session will be celebrated during lunch by the “Birthday Rap”. This observance is not only a treat for the camper but a lot of fun for everyone. Have you ever had a birthday party with 250+ friends in attendance?

How does Cho-Yeh handle Lost & Found?

Lost & Found is collected on Friday and shown to all campers during the Closing Cho-gram. Any items still left unclaimed will be available for parents to peruse during Check-Out. If you discover missing items once you return home, please contact us in the office and we will discuss the return process. After two weeks, all unclaimed Lost & Found items will be donated or used within the camp program.

Do you allow cabin mate requests?

Absolutely! Campers may submit up to two names for their cabin mate request. The campers requesting each other must be no more than ONE grade/year apart. While we do our best to honor cabin mate requests, we cannot guarantee that your request will be granted. We will allow for a group of 3 to request to bunk together so no camper is left out. If there are 4 or more total campers wishing to be housed together, the parents must decide among themselves how to split the group into 2 or more groups of campers.



Are scholarships available?

Yes! It is our heart at Cho-Yeh that finances never prevent a child from experiencing Camp! Check out how to apply or how to give.

Do Camp fees have to be paid all at once or can I pay in installments?

Families may pay out their camp fees over a period of time. All fees must be paid in full by May 1. Contact the Cho-Yeh office for questions regarding payments and balances due.


Cash at Camp

Will my camper need spending money during their session?

No, there are no cash transactions during the camp session. Be sure to put money in your camper’s Trading Post account if you want them to be able to shop.

What is the Trading Post?

The Trading Post is our Camp Store. Every day during Flex Time, your camper will have the opportunity to purchase Cho-Yeh merchandise, snacks and drinks at the Trading Post. No cash transactions are available during the camp session so be sure to add money to your camper’s Trading Post account.

How much money should I put in the Trading Post account?

Trading Post shirts, shorts, and hats range from $12.00 to $25.00 each. Snacks and drinks are $1.00 - $1.50 each. Trading Post accounts serve as a holding place for your child's cash. Cho-Yeh recommends that parents leave no more than $100.00 per week in the camper accounts.

How do I add money to the Trading Post; or purchase a DVD, photo or care package?

All of these options can be ordered during the registration process or added using the Other Goodies Form in the Forms and Documents section of your parent account.



Can I call or visit my camper?

One of the most significant elements of the camp experience is learning independence. It’s hard to be apart, however, kids adjust to camp life much more easily than we often assume. Typically, we find that there are many more kidsick parents than homesick campers! If a camper does become homesick, hearing a parent’s voice can intensify sad feelings. Therefore, we do not have campers talk to parents on the phone, and we only allow parent visitation on Opening and Closing Days.

Does Cho-Yeh allow iPods, phones, or video games?

Kids spend on average 52 hours a week in front of an electronic screen. We believe in teaching kids how to be extraordinary without being tied to electronic screens, so we do not allow iPods, phones, or video games. This policy gives children the gift of a technology free environment — a place where campers, counselors and staff are fully present with each other, transporting them to a place where we can forge relationships that last a lifetime.

How can I send mail?

We strongly encourage you to write letters or send care packages to your child. Campers love getting old-fashioned mail!

Address your mail to:
Camper Name, Cabin # (if you know it)
2200 South Washington Ave
Livingston, Tx 77351

Mail can also be dropped off in marked bins on Opening Day. Be sure to write the delivery day on the mail!

How can I send emails?

Cho-Yeh has an email service through your parent account. We will provide each parent login with 2 CampStamps per camper. CampStamps are used to send emails and you can purchase additional CampStamps through your account if needed.

Will I get any news or photos from camp?

Your parent account keeps you in touch with what’s happening at camp! See daily pictures, news articles and more while your camper is at Cho-Yeh.


Summer Forms

Will there be any forms required for my camper to attend?

Yes! There are 3 forms required for each camper every summer: Health History, Permission to Treat, and Immunization Records. All of these can be accessed and submitted through the Forms and Documents section of your parent account.

How do I give permission for someone else to pick up my child from Camp?

Campers will be released only to the parent/legal guardian. If you need to have someone else pick your child up from camp, you must submit a "Permission to Pick Up" form to the camp office at least 24 hours prior to the pickup. No camper will be released without the presentation of a photo ID.

Does Cho-Yeh suggest any other resources for helping families send their child to Camp?

Cho-Yeh recommends an excellent resource book named "The Summer Camp Handbook". It has wonderful pointers on what to look for in choosing a camp, how you know if your camper is ready, and how to handle homesickness.


Health & Safety

How does Cho-Yeh accommodate allergies?

The safety of your children is our first priority. We need to know any allergies your child has. Please provide these details on your Health History form and be as specific as possible with the information to allow us to be prepared to accommodate your camper’s allergy. If your camper’s allergy is food related, please contact Jenn Jones in the office so she can discuss any necessary accommodations.

How does Cho-Yeh deal with homesickness?

Homesickness is a reality of overnight camping, but one of the unique experiences of camping is allowing campers to gain a sense of independence. All of our counselor staff go through an extensive staff training before the summer begins that includes dealing with a homesick camper. If a camper is homesick, our counselors will do their best to comfort the camper, if the homesickness persists the campsite supervisor will talk with the camper and will connect with parents to find the best strategies for helping the camper through the session. Although we have campers each session who will wrestle with some homesickness, it is extremely rare that a camper will need to be sent home. Campers who stick it out will gain an incredible sense of independence!

How will medication (prescription or OTC), supplements, or herbal remedies be dispensed during the camp session?

All of these are considered “medications” and will be dispensed by our onsite Medical Staff during the session. Meds are typically dispensed during breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime. Campers are not allowed to maintain any meds in their cabins. Please be sure to check in all medications to our Health Center during Check-In on Sunday.




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