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Cho-Yeh's traditional Christian summer camp program for campers age 6-16.

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Approach to Ministry

Cho-Yeh exists because we believe that camp is uniquely capable of impacting lives for Jesus Christ!  Each and every week of summer, we see first hand the mighty ways that God is using Cho-Yeh to shape the lives of young people.  Our mission is to be a place where Jesus Christ transforms lives through meaningful relationships and outdoor adventures!  We take this mission seriously!  We are incredibly passionate about the work God has called us to do and our mission serves as the lens through which we view everything we do. 

Meeting kids where they are 

Campers at Cho-Yeh come from all walks of life - different contexts, different homes, different stories, and different levels of faith.  As such, we don't take a cookie cutter or silver bullet approach to ministry.  Our goal is to meet campers here they are in their faith and challenge them to grow in their relationship with Christ.  Cho-Yeh is not about pushing for a conversion experience, but rather allowing kids to be who they are as they grow in Christ.



Mentoring Relationships

We believe that meaningful & mentoring relationships between campers and counselors are the most important tool we have in shaping lives for and by Christ.  It is within the one-on-one friendships and interactions with their counselors that campers are able to witness and experience the tangible love of Jesus.  Our counselors come alongside campers to listen, mentor and model what it looks like to passionately follow Jesus Christ.  These authentic relationships, set in the unique and crazy context of camp, creates an environment ripe for life-change. 


                                                   Experiential Learning

Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of Cho-Yeh's ministry is our experiential based approach to Bible studies.  Recognizing that learning best occurs through "doing," our team develops kinesthetic and experiential lessons that help bring the Gospel and truths of Scripture to life in relevant and memorable ways.  After completing each activity, scenario or challenge, cabins sit down and look to Scripture while debriefing the exercise.  It's amazing how God uses these times to reveal Himself to our campers and staff.