Child Protection Plan

Preventing Abuse at Cho-Yeh

We love to have fun at camp, but we take safety very seriously. That’s why Cho-Yeh is proud to be a member of Praesidium’s Camp Care.

Our decision to exceed national safety standards stems from a strong commitment to protect our staff, volunteers, and campers from any and all types of abuse.

By partnering with Praesidium, we’ve implemented policies and procedures that facilitate effective monitoring that protects our campers, and shields our staff and volunteers from false allegations.


Studies show that spotlighting is one of the most effective deterrents of potential predators. Throughout the application, interview, and training process of our staff, we make it clear that Camp Cho-Yeh will not be a target for potential predators, and that our commitment to safety is extremely important.

Screening Staff

The best way to keep our campers safe is to keep potential abusers out of camp, which is why our screening process is so thorough.

Each staff application must contain three valid references and is carefully read and reviewed by highly-trained staff members. A  face-to-face interview is scheduled to identify red-flag answers and behavior. Background checks, voluntary disclosures, and child protection trainings are required for all employees.

The vast majority of our new hires often come with a solid recommendation by former or current staff members, which helps us keep the quality of our staff above average.


Staff Training

Before arriving at camp, all staff must complete an online abuse prevention course hosted by Praesidium.

This prevention training is supplemented by sessions during our intensive two-weeks of staff training where our staff learn Cho-Yeh’s policies, procedures, and their personal responsibility to keep our campers safe. “The Rule of Three” for example, ensures that a staff member is never alone with a camper, and are under constant supervision.

Camper Orientation

From the moment your child sets foot on Camp, we ensure they have the right to be safe. Our Camper orientation trains our campers to resist and report suspicious behavior by using our “Safety 360” policies: “If someone makes me feel uncomfortable, scared, or hurt, I will yell “STOP” and GO TELL an adult who will listen. I have the right to be safe. I deserve respect.”

Reporting and Response

Protocols are in place for all staff and campers to report suspected incidents. Our staff take reports very seriously and respond appropriately as needed to each incident.

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