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Your gift changes lives.

When you donate to the Camper Scholarship Fund or give towards a capital building project, you deeply impact the leadership and spiritual development of young men and women from the greater Houston area. We firmly believe that finances should never stand in the way of a child attending a week of Camp. In 2019, generous ministry partners made it possible for over 500 campers to receive $320,000 in scholarships.

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Build the Next Generation of Christian Leaders.

Your gift allows a child to the opportunity of be discipled by a college student who is passionately following Jesus.  Together we will cultivate faith, nurture community, and forge character of Campers.  Here are specific ways you can invest in the next generation:

$8,750   Provide a Week of Camp for 10 Campers

$4,375   Provide a Week of Camp for 5 Campers

   $875    Provide a Full Scholarship for 1 Camper

   $600    Provide an Partial Scholarship for 1 Camper

   $175    Provide a day of Camp for 1 Camper

We invite you to join what God is doing! 

Cultivate faith in campers like Taylor:

“The counselors are awesome. They listen to me when I talk. This year I learned that Jesus always cares for us no matter what, even if we do bad things.”

Build community for campers like Lileana:

“My favorite thing about this place is getting to spend time with my friends and counselors. They don’t start drama like my friends at school and it’s cool that they come from different places. I want to be a counselor someday and help campers by teaching them about God and doing a lot of cool things with them.”

Forging character in campers like Madeleine:

“I love Camp because it’s a fun experience and you get to make new friends.  I think my counselors love me a lot and I love them a lot too.  They are really nice and they help us do projects that are hard for us to do.”

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