Adopt-A-Staff: Mikey Guynn

By: Hannah Jackson

Posted: 7.19.18

Third year staffer, Mikey Guynn spent the last two summers as a counselor at Camp Cho-Yeh. He cannot imagine spending his summer with any other job because he loves giving of his time to serve the campers. This summer, Mikey’s camp experience was impacted drastically after receiving a fun surprise package and encouraging letter from his adopt a staff family.

“I didn’t expect to get anything, especially not a huge package!” Mikey said. “It was cool to see someone outside of camp gave their time and money to give something to me. I was able to share the gifts with my campers and got to use it as a teaching moment on giving. I was poured into and as a result, got to pour that gift back out to my campers,.”

A family taking the time to send a simple care package blessed Mikey, and in turn, enabled him to be a blessing to his entire cabin. This gift, helped Mikey refocus on why he is working at camp to begin with, as well as provided the encouraging boost needed to continue serving week after week.

“I also got a letter from the same family and it meant a lot to know someone is praying specifically for me,” Mikey said. “It was really cool hearing it was another counselor’s parents because they knew exactly what our job was like it was an encouragement to press on through the rest of the summer and to do my job well. I come here to impact lives; whether camper or co-worker. My goal is to impact at least one person each summer; just to be a good force in someone’s life.”