Apply Now

Instructions for Applying to Compass

We are accepting applications for the 2019-2020 Compass program right now!  Space is limited so apply today!

1.  Click this link to open the interactive PDF Compass Application Packet.

2.  IMPORTANT:  First Save the Compass Application to your computer and then fill out the interactive fields off your saved pdf document.

3.  When the application is complete (should take about 30-45 minutes) make sure you save it to your computer.

4.  Send the completed application file electronically to

5. Click this link to open the Reference Form.

6.  You will need to email this link to three references (see your Application for details).

7.  Have each reference fill out the on-line reference form.

Please note:  Applicants will not be considered for enrollment until Application and reference forms are completed, submitted electronically, and confirmation is received.

8.  Click this link if you are also interested in applying for a Compass Scholarship.