Audrey Rader: Leading Waypoint

By: Abby Wyllie

Posted: 7.16.18

Audrey Rader has been leading and molding interns at Cho-Yeh for the past 6 years. She originated the program that is now known as Waypoint in August 2015. The Waypoint program is a year-long internship which serves at Camp in many different facets, one of which is hosting retreats. However, the Waypoint program is more than just preparing space and implementing activities for retreat guests, it’s about building community and leadership development.

Audrey is currently working towards her masters in Life Coaching from Liberty University and she applies the knowledge she is attaining to her role at Cho-Yeh. She meets one-on-one with each of her interns to help them realize and achieve their goals. One of the ways in which she develops her interns is by having them complete personal assessments such as the Enneagram, Strengthsfinder, and Meyer-Briggs just to name a few.  She loves personal assessments because they always point back to how big and creative God is. According to Audrey, “My favorite part of camp is that we meet people where they are at. From the camper to the employee, our camp culture is to care for people and help them grow in their relationship with Christ.”

Community is one of Audrey’s passions and it is a cornerstone of Waypoint. The biggest impact that leading Waypoint has had on Audrey is realizing how important it is to walk through life with a healthy community of people. It’s easy for people in their early 20’s to be focused on career and miss out on building healthy relationships. Waypoint is a year where both community and work happen. Waypoint interns build lifelong friendships as they work and learn together throughout the year.

Leadership development doesn’t solely happen with the interns that Audrey guides, it happens with her. She has grown as a leader through leading Waypoint. She says that when she began at Camp, “I started out believing I should be in charge and have all the answers, but that is far from true. I have learned the importance of using multiple leadership styles depending on the situation and the people involved.” Audrey gets to teach those styles to Waypoint and it has become one of her favorite parts of the program. Her hope is to lead more like Jesus, and teach others to do the same.

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