Breaking Down Social Barriers: A Retreat with Concordia Lutheran High School

By: Abby Wyllie

Posted: 9.26.19

There is something transformative about getting away from a comfortable environment in order to break down relational walls. For the past 10 years, Concordia Lutheran High School has been doing just that.

Concordia Lutheran is a private high school on the Northwest side of Houston which serves 600 students between grades 9-12. Ryan Neuhaus serves as the Pastor and Spiritual Life Director on campus and actually inherited the school’s relationship with Cho-Yeh from their previous Pastor. 

Every group that comes to Cho-Yeh for a retreat has a unique goal for their time at Camp. For Concordia, their objective is to break down social walls. Their freshman class pulls from various middle schools which means that there are many students who walk into high school without knowing anyone. This quick, 27-hour retreat, gives students an opportunity to build relationships with each other in a context outside of the classroom.

According to Ryan, Concordia keeps coming back to Cho-Yeh because “the facilities are great, they are always improving, and our students love it.” Since they have such a large group, the bigger cabin sizes at Cho-Yeh also allow them to house more students together. 

Cho-Yeh’s facilities provide a space for Concordia’s students and staff to challenge themselves, grow in their relationship with Christ, and build closer connections with each other. Cho-Yeh is thankful to be able to come alongside Concordia each Fall!