Brooke Hubele: Creating a Sense of Belonging

By: Joy Lester

Posted: 11.21.17

High quality college students serve as outstanding role models each summer.  With an intentional focus on helping campers build meaningful relationships, counselors like Brooke go out of their way to help each child feel like they belong.  It’s one way we are nurturing community as we build the next generation of Christian leaders.

Brooke Hubele

"As an Explorer's counselor, for a lot of my girls it was their first time away from home. Some would come in with their best friends, but others came in not knowing a single soul. One of my girls came in not knowing anyone and was determined to keep it that way. The first few days, she would cling to me or my co as her only line of communication and isolated herself from her cabin mates. During one of the A/O games, a girl from our cabin, who had come with 2 of her friends, walked up to this camper and asked her if she would join them in their own game of "Little Sally Walker". This camper's face lit up and immediately ran to join them. The rest of the week, she was a lot more talkative with her new friends and would actively partake in the camp activities with our cabin. I loved that I got to see her connect with her peers and truly embrace the camp environment." - Brooke Hubele