Camp doesn’t end at home!

By: Aleah Baxley

Posted: 9.8.23

Our ultimate mission at Cho-Yeh is to see lives transformed by Jesus every year and for those changed lives to reflect the values and characteristics of a follower of Jesus when they leave Camp. Every summer here is a ton of fun, but deeper than that, it can be truly life changing for all who come.

This is Serenity’s second year at Camp, and her first as a Pathfinder. Being in middle school means that there are new activities like eating homemade burgers at Grillmasters and going to Lighthouse Point to banana-boat! It also means that worship and Bible study times are going beyond the surface and becoming more intentional in uncovering the importance of the Gospel.

One of the things Serenity has learned is what the Sabbath is and “that God is in control.” For a rising middle schooler, their lives are changing so quickly that it can be hard to understand why putting time aside for God is important in their relationship with Him and that He works for the good of those who believe in Him, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

Discussions like these are how campers can develop their own personal faith in a nurturing environment where Godly community exists. Cho-Yeh is a second home for many and like a good home, is a place of strength and restoration.

“I have learned more about God that has prepared me for school when I’m around non-Christians and not being embarrassed.”

Faithful counselors who are passionate about ministering to this next generation help model what it looks like to practically follow Jesus and discover what areas of their spiritual lives they need to nurture more. Serenity is leaving Camp with a greater understanding of the Gospel and realizes its place in her life.

We are encouraged when campers grasp that God is not just an at-Camp thing, but something worth bringing into their real lives. And when they feel discouraged or doubtful in their faith, our desire is to see them return to Camp with open hearts and minds.

“I can be me here and know that the people are the same way and believe in God and want to be a Christian.”

6th grade, 2nd year