The Camp Mom Expert: Alpha and Omega

By: Abby Wyllie

Posted: 1.10.19

You probably have a lot of questions about all the fun camp lingo you hear (or will hear) around your house. Well, the Camp mom expert is here to help you out! One of the things you will hear your camper get super excited about is Alpha and Omega. These are the two tribes we have at camp. What do these “tribes” do you may be wondering? These two tribes compete against each other every day in different field games, which the kids LOVE!

On day one of Camp your camper will find out which tribe they belong to. Alphas are the red tribe and Omegas are the blue tribe. Campers have a blast getting painted up in RED or BLUE to show their tribal spirit. The campers get very involved and competitive over who wins. At the end of the week a tally is done and the tribe with the most wins is the winner for the entire week! Alpha and Omega gives each camper a place where they feel they belong outside of their cabin. They have the opportunity to get to know older and younger campers within their tribe.

For campers, there are care packages you can buy that will supply your camper with cool swag that matches their tribe. Also, the Trading Post has all kinds of cool Alpha and Omega gear you can pick up when you arrive at camp.

I love picking my daughter up from camp! Usually the whole way home she’s singing the Omega songs and wants to teach her sister all the words. She even gets out her face paint and paints their faces. The tribe system is a fun way for campers to compete and get to know even more camp friends, which tribe do you think your camper will be this summer???

Yours Truly,

Jessica Lamb, the Camp Mom Expert