The Camp Mom Expert: Camper Pictures

By: Abby Wyllie

Posted: 6.18.18

So you’ve dropped your child off at camp, your house is eerily quiet (and cleaner than ever), but then you start wondering what your camper is up to at camp. Every day our media team posts pictures from the day’s activities into your parent account in the Photos section. You get a glimpse of what happened at Camp that day and maybe even see a picture of your camper! These pictures are great and you can get a sense of being able to “check-in” on your camper. But what if they aren’t smiling? What if they are standing by themselves? The tricky thing about pictures is that they don’t always tell the complete story. Your camper’s friend may just be out of the frame at that moment or they weren’t ready to have their picture taken so they don’t have an ear-to-ear grin. I have to remind myself that I can’t read into these pictures too much. I could worry myself sick if I let myself after seeing one picture where my child isn’t smiling. But I know and trust that my camper is well taken care of and having a blast with friends at camp, regardless of what one picture looks like. So enjoy your quiet house…because it will be back to usual before you know it!

One other thing that is super fun about the pictures that get posted each day in Campminder is that you can post them to social media for free. This is a great way to show Grandparents and friends how much fun your child is having at camp and who knows, your friends may get inspired to send their kids next summer too! You can also order cabin photos and your session’s digital video download in your Campminder account under “Other Goodies.” My kids love watching their session video as it helps them relive all the fun they had at camp!