The Camp Mom Expert: How-To Pack a Trunk

By: Abby Wyllie

Posted: 5.26.18

I’m Jessica Lamb, expert Camp Mom, and I’m here today to talk about how-to pack your trunk for camp. These are the tricks that work for me and my kids, but everybody has their own way of preparing for camp.

First off, the best trunks for Cho-Yeh are the hard plastic trunks from Walmart or Academy. They run for $26.99. You can even order them online here. You can also use a large duffle bag at Cho-Yeh. The large wooden trunks are not ideal because they don’t fit under the bunks. My kids like to decorate their trunk! They use stickers and can even paint their name on the top, make it your own and show your personality!


The best way to pack (especially for young campers) is to have each day divided into gallon Ziploc bags. I label mine Monday-Friday and put in an outfit for that day, pajamas, two pairs of underwear, and two pairs of socks. I also put in an extra Ziploc with two extra outfits and two extra pajamas. The Ziplocs help keep your clothes clean in your trunk and helps with storage of wet clothes (this way when you open up your camper’s trunk when they come home the smell doesn’t completely overwhelm you).

For crud wars you need to pack a separate Ziploc as well. I always pack clothes that can be ruined and an old pair of tennis shoes.

For toiletries the trick I like to use is buying a shower caddy from the dollar store or Wal-Mart and putting liquid soap (bar soap is not recommended), shampoo, conditioner, and a loofah in it. This way my camper can just pick up their caddy for their shower and it has everything they need.

I always put a small bath rug in my camper’s trunk. Then they can wipe their feet before they get into bed at night and the sand or dirt on their feet doesn’t get in their sheets.

For opening day I put a swimsuit, swim towel, and bath towel and washcloth in a backpack for my child to keep with them as they go to their cabin. I pack their bed linens in a large garbage bag so they can carry them easily and if they get dropped they stay clean.

See the full packing list for camp here.

The better prepared my camper is, the more I can relax while they are away because I know they have everything they need for their time at camp! The independence that they gain from spending time away at camp is irreplaceable!