The Camp Mom Expert: The Trading Post

By: Abby Wyllie

Posted: 6.6.18

Hi there, it’s Jessica, the expert Camp Mom. Today we are talking about the Trading Post.

If your child is a first year camper you may be wondering what the Trading Post is. The Trading Post is the place where campers go to hang out in air conditioning, play games, buy snacks, and buy Cho-Yeh gear. Most campers rank the Trading Post in their top 3 activities at camp because they get a chance to slow down and spend time with their friends.

Every day your camper will have break time and an opportunity to stop by the Trading Post. As a parent you can put money on their Trading Post account so they can purchase things while they are at Camp. I put $50 in the account ($10 per day). This is enough money for your camper to buy a snack and a drink each day while they are at Camp. They could use that money to buy a shirt or two as well but usually they wait until I am there closing day to make those purchases.

One of the favorite items at the Trading Post is Blue Bell! But rest assured, your camper won’t be able to purchase 10 sweet treats in one sitting. The staff at the Trading Post makes sure that campers get just 3 treats per visit.

Kids love getting to go to the Trading Post and having enough money on their account just makes the week even more special to them.