Camper Experience, “Best Summer Camp in Texas”


What makes Camp Cho-Yeh the best summer camp in Texas?  Boys and girls age 6 – 16 experience faith, fun, and friendships during their overnight experience at camp! That’s just one reason why Camp Cho-Yeh is the best summer camp in Texas. Camp Cho-Yeh has curriculum and activities specifically geared for all age groups, from young elementary students, all the way up to high schoolers. Campers have opportunities to create the best summer camp experience by trying new outdoor adventures, making new friends in cabin, belonging to a group through Alpha-Omega Tribes, and by growing in specific areas through the guidance of their counselors and other staff. Our approach to ministry, desired outcomes, daily experience, staff, and camper safety are five key factors in making us best in Texas. Here is a closer look at the specific ways Camp Cho-Yeh strives to create the best summer camp experience.

Our approach to ministry makes us the best in Summer Camp in Texas

Camp Cho-Yeh’s goal is to challenge campers to grow in their relationship in Christ, but we recognize each camper comes in with a different background and level of faith. Here, meaningful and mentoring relationships between campers and their counselors are the avenue in which we seek to be most effective with our ministry. Camper-counselor relationships are an incredibly important tool we use to foster an environment of life-change and growth. Counselors serve as wonderful role models, and campers are able to watch them passionately following after Jesus Christ. Before campers even step into cabin, counselors have spent weeks in preparation and training to best be equipped to come alongside campers each session. Counselors best mentor by developing meaningful relationships with their campers. The summer camp environment provides a unique opportunity to foster vulnerability and authentic relationships as cabins go through Bible studies, activities, and daily routines during their time at Cho-Yeh in Livingston, Texas.

Our desired outcomes make us the best Summer Camp in Texas

The intentional way Camp Cho-Yeh seeks to enable campers to experience meaningful and mentoring relationships are through the Bible studies and programs we facilitate. Camp intentionally creates this unique experience for each age-group of campers in response to our passion to build up the next generation of Christian leaders. With this vision in mind, our desired outcomes help make us the best summer camp in Texas. Camp Cho-Yeh’s desired outcomes are to cultivate faith, nurture community, and to forge character to boys and girls age 6-16, most of them who live in Texas. Within each desired outcome are three more narrow components that help bring in our focus to these elements even more closely. The way we seek to cultivate faith in campers is through telling the story of God’s work in the world and helping campers see their role in God’s plan.  Another way Cho-Yeh strives to be the best summer camp in Texas is the emphasis we place on teaching communication, teamwork, and service in order to nurture community of elementary, jr high, and high school campers. Finally, we look for opportunities to demonstrate and teach integrity, self-confidence, and resiliency as we forging character of campers in Texas.

Our daily schedule makes us the best Summer Camp in Texas

What distinguishes Camp Cho-Yeh from other camps in Texas is the way our schedule is developed around curriculum progression. Camp Cho-Yeh, located in Livingston, Texas, has a higher percentage of returning campers because they are able to grow with the program each year. Campers who attend Camp Cho-Yeh for five or more years are able to get the most out of the camp experience as they enter into an environment tailored to their specific age group each summer. An elementary-aged camper’s activities look very different from a jr high student’s week of activities.  A high school student’s camp experience is even different from that. As campers progress through the age-specific program, they encounter Bible studies that build off each other year after year, new activities, such as Lighthouse Point and the Adventure Park that are only available for older campers. These differences in our daily schedule for each age-group make us one of the best summer camps in Texas.

Our staff make us the best Summer Camp in Texas

Summer camp could not take place without our college-age summer staff. The counselors, who come from all over the country (not just Texas), serve as the hands and feet of Jesus and model after the love of Christ. The hiring process for summer staff is rigorous.  These counselors then go through the two-week training process before summer camp starts so that they are equipped to lead, serve, and mentor the campers that come through our ministry. Camp Cho-Yeh staff also have a high return rate for serving summer after summer. In this way, authentic, meaningful relationships truly are developed between counselors and campers. Many campers see favorite counselors as them return to Camp in Texas for multiple summers.

Our priority on safety makes us the best Summer Camp in Texas

Camper safety is our highest priority at Camp Cho-Yeh. We work within camp industry standards set by the American Camp Association so that our safety practices are followed with your child’s well-being in mind. Our attention to detail in camper safety makes us one of the best Summer Camps in Texas. Each camper takes a swim tests as their summer session begins.  A dedicated recreation team is equipped to monitor and execute safety standards in every outdoor adventure. High levels of attention are focused on safety measures around camp and within cabin to reduce the risk of abuse. Our facilities have been engineered to limit private spaces, such as having 12 inches under stalls and showers and having windows on private offices. These features help enforce our strict “rule of three” policy, which states that counselors are never allowed to be along with a camper in a building or private area. Camp Cho-Yeh’s emphasis on camper safety makes us one of the best summer camps in Texas.