Caroline: Overcoming Fears at Camp

By: Hannah Jackson

Posted: 7.16.18

Six-year-old Caroline’s smile radiates from her stance at the top of the diving board. She fearlessly bounces right on the edge of the board, enjoying her time in the spotlight before throwing her arms up and leaping out towards the center of the pool. She sinks down, deep into the water. Then she emerges, swimming quickly towards the ladder, as if in an excited rush to jump again. And she does jump again. And again. And again. Caroline’s soaks in every minute of her pool time because it is one of her favorite things about Camp Cho-Yeh.

“Going off the diving board is my favorite because jumping into the water is so fun,” Caroline said. “I tried the diving board for the first time at camp and I love it! I am now able to swim to the side all by myself.  Knowing I can do it here, makes me feel brave enough to try the diving board at the pool by my house.”

Caroline’s counselors encouraged and cheered for Caroline throughout her time at camp. Caroline watched the friends in her cabin bravely jumping off the diving board before her, allowing Caroline to step in to try something that at first was intimidating, yet turned out to be something she really enjoyed.