Chavous Gwynn: Forging Character

By: Abby Wyllie

Posted: 4.17.18

My name is Chavous and I have been at Cho-Yeh for the past 6 summers, 4 as a camper, 1 on work crew, and 1 on staff. My favorite part of working on staff is how we as counselors get to be a guide of just how great God is. Some kids are there in hopes to learn more about God and others just to experience God’s creation and I enjoy being part of that process. Working at camp has changed me, it has shown me that being a leader doesn’t just occur at camp. After I leave camp each summer I continue to carry the skills and things I learned with me. This has better equipped me to share about my relationship with God and to put others’ needs before my own.

My favorite memory of camp was being able to be my first grade cousin’s counselor and share with him the camp that I grew up with. He was extremely afraid of Crud Wars at first, but I was able to help walk him through that experience and now he can’t wait for “mucky wars” this summer.

If you are considering working at camp you need to know that camp is a place of new experiences everyday; no adventurous trip or relaxing days by the pool will ever leave you with as many lifelong memories or stories as being a Cho-Yeh counselor. Camp will test you in every aspect of your life and hold you to a higher standard as you show your campers what it truly means to allow yourself to be vulnerable to God’s will.

Join Chavous and others like him this summer and apply today!

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