Through Christ’s Lens: Andrew’s Story

By: Hannah Jackson

Posted: 9.17.18

Third-year-returning camper, Andrew developed a new interest during his time at Camp Cho-Yeh. He found a passion for photography last summer after his counselor carried a camera around throughout the week. Andrew’s counselor taught Andrew how to use his camera and let Andrew help take pictures. A year later, Andrew continued learning more about the different aspects of photography and can now tell you all about what lighting and background create the best shot.

“I saw my favorite counselor doing photography and I wanted to be part of that,” Andrew said. “I really enjoy taking pictures, it is cool to feel like an artist by capturing moments. I consider myself to be part of the junior media team. My counselor last summer was very nice and sweet, he encouraged me to be the best person I could be. I have the best counselors at Cho-Yeh because of how they care for me.”

What Andrew learns about God during his summers at Cho-Yeh impacted the lens with which he views life around him. Andrew and his father were walking a trail along a river in Arkansas one weekend and they became unsure of their location. Andrew began praying and wondering why God did not answer his fear immediately, as they remained lost for a little while. However, Andrew and his father made it back. From this experience, Andrew saw a link between his perception of God and his everyday life.

“At Cho-Yeh, I learned about viewing the world through a Christ-centered perspective. After being scared about feeling lost by that river, I was able to see the connection that knowing about God’s greater outlook can relate back to actual events in my life. I also am comforted knowing that God has the full picture. My life is like a bunch of puzzle pieces that the Lord fits together for his purpose, a beautiful picture that He lets us be a part of.”