CLT Impact: Chloe’s Story

By: Riley Dunson

Posted: 1.7.20

Being on the CLT trail was not something that Chloe saw herself doing. Outdoor activities, especially for two weeks straight, was definitely not on her radar. The fear of the unknown and pushing herself to her limits were terrifying thoughts as she approached her time to go on CLT. However, in stepping out of her comfort zone, God showed her just how powerful HE is and beautiful His creations are.

“I was scared, I did not want to do CLT. I am not an outdoorsy person and I didn’t want to sleep outside. After the first night of sleeping under the stars…I was hooked. Being out in God’s creation you really get a deeper understanding of the ‘why’ aspect.”

Camp Cho-Yeh has held a special place in Chloe’s heart for the past 8 years. She has made several life-long friendships with the people she has met here. God has worked in her life throughout her time here and the CLT experience was her next step with Camp Cho-Yeh.

“My time at Cho-Yeh has helped me develop better friendships. A lot of the people I go to camp with I end up being close friends with outside of camp. Camp has really shown me how God works in our everyday lives. I’ve gotten closer to God while coming to camp. I don’t just get that ‘camp high.’ I come and enjoy camp, but outside of camp I still practice the discipline of reading my bible everyday and having bible studies with my friends.”

During CLT, in addition to challenging herself physically, Chloe challenged her faith. Meaningful, Christ-driven conversations filled her up and showed her exactly ‘why’ she follows Jesus. 

“At CLT you are pushed to your limits in everything. You have these deep conversations about why is this happening, why is that happening, or why should we do this, or why should we do that. The whole thing about CLT is learning the why behind things.”

Leaving CLT, Chloe gained more than she ever thought she would. She left with experiences that she will never forget, and a grasp on her faith that will stay with her forever. But most of all, Chloe learned how to put her trust in God in every situation. 

“While at CLT I learned to just be myself and to challenge myself. Whatever God does, He has a plan for it and it will help you, so trust in Him…no matter what the circumstances are. CLT is something that you don’t get to experience every day, even if you are scared to do it, I would say go for it. It is something you need to do. You make meaningful relationships that last a long time.”

Christian Leadership Training is Camp Cho-Yeh’s capstone experience for students entering 11th or 12th grades.  Click here to find out more!