Why take a

Gap Year?

Compass is an intensive 9-month discipleship program, uniquely created to equip students for the challenges of life. Through an integration of spiritual development, leadership activities, and community living, Compass students will deepen their faith, forge character, and learn what it means to passionately follow Christ.

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Program Overview

Over the course of this 9-month program, students will learn about who they are, whose they are, and gain the skills necessary to be well-equipped in a changing society.

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A Year Up, Not a Year Off

Invest in Your Future

As a compass student you not only increase in virtues like perseverance, integrity, work ethic, compassion, and discipline, but also are equipped with basic life skills for practical everyday living...budgeting/finances, healthy diet/cooking, car maintenance, etc. You also learn tools necessary for developing and maintaining healthy interpersonal-relationships, making you successful in everything from business to marriage. You will grow in faith by gaining a deeper understanding of God and how this impacts every area of your life.

Receive College Credit With

Messiah University

A new partnership with Messiah University allows Compass students to earn 12 transferable college credits during their 9-month gap year at Camp Cho-Yeh. Each semester, the group will participate in 2 online courses, receiving instruction in Communications, Biblical Survey, Biblical Theology, and Family Dynamics. When students complete the Compass program they will also have a strong start to their college career. Another benefit of the partnership: If Compass students continue their education at Messiah University, they will receive a $2,500 scholarship each year.



Meet Chris Radloff

Chris has been involved in camp ministry since 1987 and has served at Cho-Yeh since 2015. Ultimately, he sees Compass as an amazing opportunity for students to dive deeper into their faith, make lifelong friendships, and create memories that will last a lifetime. He is excited to meet the new Compass students and hopes that they walk away from the program feeling closer to God and more equipped to serve His people – wherever He leads.

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Is Compass Right For You?

Worried about the cost of Compass? The average cost of just room and board at Texas A&M is $15,600. For much less than that, you can live and eat at Compass Village, AND travel to Colorado, New York, and several other regional destinations. Scholarships are available to those that work at Cho-Yeh the summer before starting their program year.

Can’t choose between Compass and taking online classes toward your degree? Do both! You can take courses online and experience 9 months of growth like never before!