Compass: A Bridge Year Discipleship Program

Intentionally Choose the Direction of Your Next Steps

With a deep passion for growing up the next generation of Christian leaders, Camp Cho-Yeh is establishing a 9-month intensive discipleship program where 18-21 year olds can experience authentic community while learning character-shaping disciplines.  Highly trained staff will come alongside our Compass students to provide a nurturing, hands-on environment focusing on:

  • Discipleship and Bible Study
  • Communication Skills
  • Healthy Conflict Managment
  • Teamwork
  • Service

Transparent conversation and wrestling with difficult faith questions are encouraged while living at Cho-Yeh’s lakefront Lighthouse Point.  Prepare to face the challenges of college while learning how to be a cultural change-agent in your generation.

The Mission of Camp Cho-Yeh is to be a place where Jesus Christ transforms lives through meaningful relationships and outdoor adventures.

Cultivating Faith

Spiritual Formation

A quiet cove on Lake Livingston serves as a beautiful backdrop for you to search Scripture with mentors to find a deeper understanding of who you are and the role you play in God's story. Classroom instruction provides training on how to study the Bible and how core Christian doctrines shape personal decisions and worldview.

Nurturing Community


Cooking family-style meals, group recreation, and service projects provide opportunities outside the classroom for students to practice communication and leadership skills. Learning crucial conversation skills and conflict resolution will help participants function as a team as they explore their strengths and identify their role in the Body of Christ.

Time Management | Humility | Leadership

Forging Character

Responsibility. Commitment.

Working shoulder to shoulder with other young adults, you will be encouraged to daily choose a positive attitude and exercise good judgment no matter the circumstance. Weekly assignments and activities provide intentional opportunities for:

Persevering in the face of new challenges
Developing emotional maturity
Making wise decisions

Lighthouse Point

Live Together

A beautiful 3-story home located on the southern shore of Lake Livingston allows students to live, work, cook, and learn in community.

RAs on each of the gender-separated floors help students navigate conflict resolution, cleaning schedules, and meal planning.

Friends and Fun!

Play Together

Lighthouse Point's 1200 feet of waterfront access and scenic beach are the perfect place for outdoor recreation while the covered porches on the 3-story house provide landing spots for reflection and authentic conversations.

Develop a Strong Work Ethic

Work Together

To reduce the cost of the Compass discipleship program, you will work part-time for Camp Cho-Yeh. A few afternoons a week, plus all day Saturday will be dedicated to living out the leadership and servanthood principles learned in the classroom.

Facilitate Retreat Group Activities
Set-Up/ Tear Downs
Care for Lighthouse Point Property

Practical Skills Needed for Adult Life

Learn Together

Living in community provides many opportunities to learn or refine skills you'll use the rest of your life:

Car maintenance
Time management
Healthy eating
Home Maintenance
Resume writing

Should Compass be Your Next Step?

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