Conquering Camp: Clark’s Story

By: Jenn Myers

Posted: 3.15.22

Clark’s family first found out about Cho-Yeh when her father attended a retreat here. When he told his daughter about Cho-Yeh’s Summer Camp, Clark was immediately interested. In Summer 2021, she finally got her chance to go.

“My dad came to a men’s retreat here and seems to have a really great time. He heard a bit about the Camp, and I got really excited. I’ve been wanting to go ever since then, so I’m super excited to be here.”

Throughout her week at Camp, Clark faced many challenges. She had to make friends with her cabinmates, navigate a new place, and overcome fears along the way. Nonetheless, she faced all her obstacles head-on and chose to conquer them, ultimately building confidence and endurance in the process.

“Camp definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone in a few ways. The biggest one that I can think of is the Giant Swing. I was pretty scared to try it, but I went on with one of my new friends and we went part way up. She encouraged me, and we liked it so much that we went on again and went all the way up. I never would have done that before Camp.”

Clark learned a lot through the Bible study that her cabin went through over the course of the week. She especially liked the day when her counselors talked about surrendering her comfort to God — something that she was able to put into practice at Camp and that she will continue to do after the summer.

“We talked about surrender all week, but on the last day we talked about giving up our comfort to follow God. We talked about the story of Peter and John in jail and how God blessed them when they chose Him over their own comfort. I’ve definitely been able to see how that matters at Camp and outside of Camp.”

When Clark’s week at Camp came to an end, she gained a new group of friends, deepened her faith in God, and became more confident in herself. Without a doubt, Clark will carry the community that she nurtured, faith that she cultivated, and character that she forged far beyond this summer. She already can’t wait to keep trying new things (even if they seem difficult) and to come back to Camp next year!