Constant in the Change: Nina’s Story

By: Jenn Myers

Posted: 11.3.21

Our world has changed a lot over the past several years. From advances in technology, to cultural shifts, to the impact of world events, kids and teens are growing up in a world that is constantly being reshaped. For long-time campers like Nina, time spent at Cho-Yeh each summer provides a safe space and constant community that builds them up to take on the challenges of a changing world.

This summer, Nina came back to Camp for her fifth year. While she was excited to enjoy all of Camp’s different activities, Nina was most excited to continue nurturing the community that she created at Cho-Yeh over the past several years.

“I’ve been coming to Camp for five years how, and it’s one of the highlights of my summer every year. The relationships are what keep me coming back. I love getting closer with God, my friends, and my counselors.”

Nina and her seven cabinmates quickly grew close to one another throughout their week at Camp. They got to know each other well through laughing together at the Trading Post and cheering each other on in activities like axe throwing. Not only did Nina quickly connect to new friends, but she also strengthened an old friendship by inviting a friend from home to experience Camp.

“This year I even brought one of my best friends from home to Camp. I’ve been wanting to bring her for a while. We’ve gotten really close to the other girls in our cabin and bonded closer to each other too.”

Nina is no stranger to Camp friendships, and she loves that they last far beyond the summer. The meaningful relationships that campers develop with each other, as well as with their counselors continue to encourage and empower them as the years go by. Nina still looks up to her former counselors and keeps in touch with them well beyond the summer.

“Here, the counselors remember you, and they remember so much about you. I had one of my counselors from four years ago just come up to me and start talking to me yesterday. They’re the most amazing people, and I’ve learned so much from them.”

Our world has certainly changed in a lot of ways since Nina started coming to Camp five years ago, but the community that she has built up at Cho-Yeh remains constant. Even in the midst of changes, Cho-Yeh continues to give campers opportunities to connect to God and one another through meaningful relationships and outdoor adventures, which continue to impact their lives as they grow up.