Cultivating Community: Allie’s Story

By: Jenn Myers

Posted: 4.29.21

Allie Miller first came to Cho-Yeh when she was eight years old. She was intimidated at first, but after spending a week around encouraging campers and welcoming counselors, she begged her parents to let her come back next year. Allie kept coming back to Camp, then eventually joined Work Crew and Summer Staff.

In summer 2021, Allie will be returning to Cho-Yeh as the Community Super. Her entire position is focused around making Camp feel like a home away from home.

“This is a brand new position, so I am excited to be able to shape it into a role that is beneficial in cultivating even more of a community among staff. I have seen the importance of community here at Camp, so this job means a lot to me!”

The relationships that Allie has built at Cho-Yeh are what keep her coming back every summer. Her fellow campers, counselors, and coworkers have created a very special Camp community.

“The friendships that I have made at Cho-Yeh are some of the most encouraging and steadfast friendships I have ever experienced. I have never felt more loved in a place than I have at Camp.”

Not only did Allie form special relationships with the people at Camp, but also with the Lord. Allie was on Work Crew when she decided to commit her life to following Jesus. Since then, she her Cho-Yeh community has helped her grow in her faith and serve others with Christ’s love.

“I have never felt the presence of The Lord as clearly as I have at Camp. Each summer allows me to grow in my relationship with Him and learn more about His character. I continue to come back year after year to further my growth and serve the place that has served me so well.”

Cho-Yeh is a place where campers and staff learn, play, and grow alongside one another. While Camp may seem scary at first, learning, growing, and having fun with the meaningful community makes it worth the while.

“Camp Cho-Yeh and the people there have shaped me into the person I am today, provided me with a place to come just as I am, and remained consistent in proving who the true King is. I am so lucky to be able to have called this place my second home for so long.”