Cultivating Community: A Work Crew Story

By: Hannah Jackson

Posted: 2.5.19

The way summer Work Crew students, Brennan and Zach, interact and serve alongside one another- laughing, joking, encouraging one another, and pushing one another towards new heights, it seems as if they have been best friends for years.

“Work Crew was amazing, and no other work environment can compare” Zach said. “I built dependable friendships from the constant fellowship. The relationships I built are so real. Brennan is my best friend on Work Crew, we had a similar bond with everything; from hobbies to where we are in our walk with Christ. We keep in touch outside of camp too!”

However, this fast friend duo had never met until working at Camp Cho-Yeh during a four-week session of Work Crew. Work Crew is an opportunity for high school students to serve, build leadership and gain experience as cabin counselors.

“You get to know each other so well through the shared experience” Brennan said. “It was awesome to grow with Zach from beginning work crew to entering into cabins as counselors.”

Work Crew consists of serving in crucial background roles that help make camp run and operate smoothly. The first three weeks, they prepare and run the mud course for Crud Wars, serve in and clean up the dining hall, and help accomplish other various jobs around camp.

“I gained gratitude from working on Work Crew” Brennan said. “You do not realize how much goes on behind the scenes. It really grew my appreciation towards the unnoticed hard work of Work Crew and Support Staff.”

Physically serving and attending Bible studies stirred a greater desire and excitement for continued spiritual growth in these Work Crew friends.

“I have seen a huge growth in my faith from Work Crew” Brennan said. “Every morning I would wake up and pray for strength and energy to do my work for the betterment of others and for Christ. I prayed that God’s light would shine through my work.”

The fourth, final week of Work Crew, the students step into cabins as counselors, most often for the elementary and middle-school aged campers. In this, Brennan and Zach had the chance to put to action the things they had been learning during Bible study and building character from selfless service.

“My favorite part of Work Crew was becoming a counselor, but even just being around camp and interacting with the campers while running activities was also great” Brennan said. “Really, just getting to help the kids that come through Camp Cho-Yeh have a fun experience while providing a space for them to learn about God was so rewarding.”

Interested in being a part of Work Crew this summer? Check out our Work Crew page and apply today! Work Crew Page