Cultivating Faith: Avery Von Eiff’s Story

By: Abby Wyllie

Posted: 7.30.19

Avery Von Eiff’s Cho-Yeh journey began 10 years ago as a 5th grader who lived in a home that didn’t talk about their Christian faith. During her time as a camper, she was introduced to Jesus and what a personal relationship with God looked like. Her parents weren’t church goers, so for a long time, her time at Camp was her only source of spiritual growth. 

                                            Avery (far left) as a camper.

Camp gave her a picture of what it meant to follow after Christ and to have him as your focus. Coming to camp also gave her Christian leaders to look up to that she didn’t have in her context at home. Growing up, she would store up her questions throughout the year and come to camp thirsty to learn more about Christ and his love for her. She grew her walk at camp, so much so that when she came home she started talking to her parents about Jesus and their family began attending church. She prayed for her parents to know and experience Christ the way that she had at Cho-Yeh. The truths she learned at camp equipped her to be able to minister to her own family. 

                    Avery (far right) serving as a counselor this summer.

Presently, she serves as a counselor on Summer Staff. As a counselor her goal is to show Christ’s love to her campers and to share the hope that he offers. She knows first hand that it may be the only place her campers are exposed to the gospel and she doesn’t take that lightly. 

“I needed to be here this summer.”

When she finds herself not knowing what to do in a situation with her campers, she is able to lean on Christ for guidance and the community around her. Being able to walk alongside her peers as they navigate being responsible for campers in their cabins has been a powerful lesson in how much you can learn from other people. 

“It’s showed me how much love God has for us. There’s no way I could do what I’m doing for my campers if there wasn’t someone else pouring into me.”

When Avery returns to school in the fall, she has a renewed vision of making her relationships more intentional after spending her summer investing in others. She wants to love people deeply and show her friends the depth of God’s love for us. Avery wants to live her life for what God wants her to do, not just what she wants to do.

Avery will be a sophomore at Auburn University and she is majoring in marine biology.