Cultivating Faith: Briana’s Story

By: Riley Dunson

Posted: 8.30.19

What’s better than getting a vacation from your daily routine? According to first year camper Briana, “nothing” and she wants an extended stay. 

“If I wasn’t here this week, I would have been at a daycare,” Briana said. “This has been the best vacation ever away from the routine of home! If I could, I would come for all 3 months of the summer.”

Camp Cho-Yeh gives campers the opportunity to connect with authentic, Christ-like community. Camp is a place to step out of the limits of comfort and experience a meaningful relationship with others, as well as God. When Briana came to camp for the first time, she discovered all of this first hand. 

“My whole cabin is like one big family,” Briana said. “I was nervous at first because I had never been to any type of camp before. Everyone here is so nice, camp is such a fun and safe place where I can open up and be myself. ”

Briana noticeably has a love for camp, as well as a love for her family. The practices and life choices she has learned about at camp, such as having a quiet time and worshipping the Lord, encouraged her to make changes in her life once she goes home.

“When I go home, I want to encourage my Mom to go to church every Sunday. I also want to read my bible and pray more. I want to listen to the worship music that I have heard here! It is amazing!”

But that isn’t all. Briana expressed her love for camp not only because she is connecting with others, but because of the way it has shown her that she has identity in Christ. 

“Being at camp has taught me that I am worthy of God’s love and that I am meant to be here on this earth,” she said. “It has taught me that I have a purpose.”