Cultivating Faith: Chelsie Wilson’s Story

By: Hannah Jackson

Posted: 2.22.19

First year Camp counselor and Stephen F. Austin student, Chelsie Wilson, was first drawn to work at Cho-Yeh because of her experience with women who were a few years ahead of her impacting her understanding of who God was.

“There is such power in learning from people close to your age” Chelsie said. “I looked up to the Godly women who stepped into my world when I was just in middle school. I learned so much about what it meant to be a believer from having strong role models in my life. When I heard about Cho-Yeh, I jumped at the opportunity to be a counselor because I had experienced the growth that comes from having a positive influence when I was the same age as the campers.”

Chelsie recognizes that being a counselor at Camp Cho-Yeh is an incredible chance to serve the younger generation. It is a privilege to come alongside students to help cultivate character and build meaningful relationships with one another and God. It is challenging work, yet is a rewarding, one-of-a kind endeavor.

Spending a summer of your college years, just three months, working at Camp Cho-Yeh is not only fulfilling from the opportunity to lead campers, but it also equips and provides a space for you to grow. Counselors walk away with a greater confidence in their leadership skills and a better understanding of who they are in Christ.

“Seeing so many people here in tune with their faith has made me more confident in what I believe” Chelsie said. “The love of Christ has given me the strength to no longer be timid. I was ready to go back to school at the end of the summer because of the way God has moved in my life and the way working here has taught me to take initiative and to trust God more instead of worrying.”

For Chelsie, her experience working at Cho-Yeh reached beyond her time at camp. She stepped back into college with a perspective shifted more towards God and an eagerness to enter into deeper community at school.