Cultivating Faith: Christina’s Story

By: Abby Wyllie

Posted: 9.7.18

Christina walked into Cho-Yeh her first summer carrying a lot of burdens. Her Grandfather’s death left her with so many questions because she had never experienced loss before. When she lost her Uncle to an act of violence, the survivors guilt she felt was overwhelming. The toll that these losses took on her family was painful to watch and she was looking for where God was in the midst of tragedy.

When Christina came to camp, her counselor Sydnee listened to her story of the tragedy and the hurt she faced. Sydnee showed her Psalm 31, “In you, Lord, I have taken refuge” which showed Christina that in times of struggle and heartache, God is waiting with open arms to be our refuge. As Christina embraced the truth that God is her refuge and hope, she was forever changed. She now knows and trusts that even when the unthinkable happens, God is always there.