Cultivating Faith: JD’s Story

By: Abby Wyllie

Posted: 10.4.19

JD came to Cho-Yeh for the first time in Summer 2019, but Cho-Yeh wasn’t his first camp experience. Both of JD’s parents are deaf so he has spent time at a camp called KODA (Kids of Deaf Adults). KODA is designed for children who have deaf parents and know sign language. 

When JD was given the opportunity to attend Cho-Yeh, he was eager to try out a new Camp. The people and community of Cho-Yeh drew JD in. His counselors taught him about God and he experienced the Lord in a new way during his time at Camp. His perception of God changed through his week at Cho-Yeh. 

“It’s hard to describe it in words. I haven’t seen God with my eyes this week, I’ve seen him with my heart.”

The chance to be able to come to Camp for two weeks instead of one gave JD a much needed break after a challenging year. Having the ability to connect with God and just have the chance to be a typical kid was exactly what he needed. He loved being able to make new friends and performing in the talent show with his cabin. 

When he goes home, he wants to continue taking steps of faith. He desires to stay connected to God throughout the year and he said, “I’m definitely coming back next year.”