Cultivating Faith: Karlie’s story

By: Riley Dunson

Posted: 4.14.20

As Karlie reflected on her first summer at Camp Cho-Yeh, memories of Lighthouse Point filled her thoughts. The thrill of being on Lake Livingston was so fun, she knew that she had to come back again. So for her second summer, she made sure to share the experience with a friend.

“I came back to camp this year because I liked it so much last year. This year I also got my friend to come!”  

However, the outdoor adventures and time spent with friends does not compare to the growth she had in her relationship with God. Karlie learned just how truly cherished she is by God through her time at Cho-Yeh.

“At camp I have learned to accept myself, and no matter what, God will always accept you.” 

“No matter how ordinary you are, God still thinks that you are just as important as anyone else. I used to think that God loves you for the things that you do for Him, but He loves people for who they are, not what they do.”

The experiences that Karlie had at camp left her reflecting on her second summer in a new way. She wants to take what she has learned, and continue to do them at home. 

“When I go back home I want to try and be more ambitious and try more new things like I have done this week.”