Cultivating Faith: Maddie’s story

By: Riley Dunson

Posted: 6.1.20

Looking for a change of pace during the summer,  Maddie’s parents began searching for a fun camp experience. Since Maddie and her siblings are homeschooled, her parents wanted their kids to be able to get outside and experience new adventures. During their search, they stumbled across Camp Cho-Yeh. It was the perfect camp they were looking for to send Maddie and her siblings to.

“Coming to camp means a lot to me, because I am homeschooled. I don’t go to school and I am not out much. I am usually at home and do the same thing over and over again. It is really refreshing to meet new people and go to new places and walk around and see things.”

Not only did she experience new outdoor adventures, but camp gave Maddie a chance to open up and make deeply rooted friendships with the girls in her cabin as well. In her spare time, she enjoyed growing together with them by talking and eating ice cream. 

“I am not good at going up to others to make friends but everyone was really nice here. I found a lot in common with some of the girls in my cabin. Usually at free time we will go get ice cream and hang out in the treehouse and talk. The people I met at Cho-Yeh are easy to talk to and really sweet.”

More than anything, Maddie saw her faith grow in ways she didn’t think were possible. She learned how to open up about how she is feeling, and let go of her worries and anxieties. Camp has shown her what it truly means to grow in her faith, and has allowed her to grow closer to God with each question she asks.