Cultivating Faith, Nurturing Community, Forging Character

By: Joy Lester

Posted: 11.20.17

The impact of just 1 or 2 weeks of summer camp can have a life-long influence in the life of a child.  Camp Cho-Yeh is dedicated to a vision of raising up the next generation of Christian leaders through intentionally providing experiences that cultivate faith, nurture community, and forge character.  Our high quality counselors serve as outstanding role models for young men and women who are wrestling with big questions and learning to make deep friendships.  Read below some of the ways the Jesus Christ is transforming lives through meaningful relationships and outdoor adventures at Camp Cho-Yeh!

Cultivating Faith

“I love that we’re active all the time and I really love that I have a lot of friends that come here and getting to see them every year and getting to meet new counselors. I love getting out of the city lights and being able to see the stars. I have learned you shouldn’t be scared to talk to God and you don’t have to only talk to him when you have a problem. You can talk to him when your life is going great or when your life isn’t going great.” - Elizabeth Lok

Nurturing Community

“I came back to Camp again because it was awesome, and I figured it would be even awesomer because they added a whole bunch of new stuff. And the counselors are awesome. They listen to me when I talk. This year I learned that Jesus always cares for us no matter what, even if we do bad things.” - Taylor Kuehler

Forging Character

"I was pretty scared about jumping the trapeze off the ropes course, so when I was finally brave enough to do it, I gained a new confidence that affected not only fears about physical obstacles, but also has helped me challenge different beliefs and made me more open to ideas about my faith. That openness has proven rewarding, even after camp, because I've gotten into some pretty cool discussions about life and faith." - Timothy Stone