Faith Through Trials: Kaylan’s Story

By: Riley Dunson

Posted: 12.3.19

After a friend’s recommendation, Kaylan decided to come to Camp Cho-Yeh for the first time. Little did she know, hearing the stories and testimonies of God’s faithfulness from others at camp would change the way she encounters God in her everyday life. Events in Kaylan’s life have led her to ask a lot of big questions, and camp allowed her to ask them in a safe environment.

“I’ve grown this week. Before coming to camp I had a lot of questions about faith, but now I have people I can ask. Through worship, reading my bible, and talking to my counselors, I’ve found a lot of answers this week.”

The past two years have been hard for Kaylan and her family. Her Mom passed away two years ago, leaving a hole in their family. Through all of it, Kaylan and her sisters have grown extremely close. 

Asking tough questions gave her a way to grieve and process, while learning to trust in Jesus. During her time at Camp, she was able to see how much she has grown and made her faith her own during the past two years.

“My Mom had a close walk with the Lord. After she passed, I realized that I knew about Jesus…but my faith wasn’t my own. I felt like I needed to understand why she loved Him so much, even when things were hard. I needed something to believe in and answers to the questions I had about losing my Mom. It’s exactly why I came to camp and started going to church.”

While at camp, Kaylan was inspired by other people sharing their stories. It allowed her to take her next step of growth in her relationship with Jesus. However, Kaylan isn’t done growing. She hopes to continue to experience the love of God. 

“At camp I’ve heard so many people’s stories and they are all so powerful. No matter how difficult of a situation, people still found the love of God. As I get older, I want to continue to seek out the love and hope that Christ offers.”