Cultivating Faith: Xaiden’s Story

By: Joy Lester

Posted: 10.5.20

Like many campers, Xaiden, a 4-year camper, was crushed when he first heard he wouldn’t be able to attend Cho-Yeh this summer. Then when 2020 Reboot launched for the second half of summer, Xaiden was insistent he would register for the first week of Camp.  His mom, Amy, explains why being at Cho-Yeh was the highlight of his year:

“When the schools shut down after spring break, Xaiden was so bummed. He loves school and his friends there.  He kept on asking about Camp and what was going to happen. When we received the news that it was canceled I could see the disappointment wash all over his body.

Cho-Yeh is one thing he talk about ALL year. He has great faith and a love for God and it gets reignited every summer.

When we arrived, he jumped out of the truck and took off running. We barely got a bye out of him.  He didn’t want to come home either.  He came back with this great smile and I could just tell how much he needed to be around kids and just have fun.

He enjoyed all of his Bible studies.  He talked most about how they had to try and build something while blindfolded and the lesson was to be comfortable asking for help.

He reminds me all of the time when he says, hold on mom I’m having trouble and I need to ask God to guide me.

It melts my heart and I’m so thankful for Cho-Yeh. It was my FAVORITE place every summer as a kid and it is his now too.”

Camp Cho-Yeh’s vision is to build the next generation of Christian leaders through cultivating faith, nurturing community, and forging character.  Click here to learn more about hands-on Bible studies, outdoor activities, and age-specific programing for boys and girls age 6-16.