Daily Life

Life at Cho-Yeh

For less than the cost of room and board at most major universities, Compass Students live, eat, and learn at Camp Cho-Yeh’s Compass Village. The village is made up of five buildings: the Commons and four housing cabins. The Commons features a fully furnished kitchen and dining area, as well as space for indoor recreation and hanging out. The cabins each house up to four same-gender students, and have a small sitting area with a kitchenette, loft, laundry facilities, and two large bedrooms with their own bathroom. Compass students should plan to have a roommate and two suitemates sharing the cabin.

Doing Life Together

Compass is specifically designed to provide an intentional community where our students can study, serve, work, and grow, as they discover together what it means to be authentic disciples of Jesus. While living together in Compass Village, students will experience a deep sense of belonging as they walk authentically together and develop life-long friendships.