Dalton Marcum: Waypoint Program

By: Hannah Jackson

Posted: 6.8.18

Dalton Marcum’s curiosity about Camp Cho-Yeh was sparked after attending a college worship night where Cho-Yeh was recruiting staff. After exploring the website and watching activity and camp layout videos, Dalton had an opportunity to experience camp firsthand by serving at the 2015 volunteer work weekend. He described how surreal it was physically walking around and experiencing camp’s many features after having seen so much of it online. After looking out from Dining Hall Hill and seeing Lake Evelyn, Dalton was hooked. He was hired as a cabin counselor for that summer, but Dalton kept coming back to camp for longer increments than he may have anticipated.

“I can’t believe I am back, it is such a joyful feeling, I’m so overwhelmed with the Lord giving me this opportunity to come back to do something I love” Dalton said. “I wasn’t planning on being able to come at all, yet I am here the entire summer.”

Dalton has served in a various assortment of roles at camp; including, cabin counselor his first summer in 2016, Waypoint Leadership Program intern the following year, construction crew from January to May 2018, and now transitioning onto the production team. Dalton exhibits a willingness to jump in to serve wherever needed.

“The knowledge I’ve gained through being on the construction crew the past few months has been impactful, for one, because Jesus was a carpenter” Dalton said. “Now working on production team, I’ve truly found my stride.The Lord has given me gifts that suit this job so well. I hope to always remember that I am here to serve and pour into the counselors as they love their campers.”

The service Dalton so eagerly pours out at Cho-Yeh was cultivated from his experiences as a year-long intern through the Waypoint Leadership Program. As part of this internship, Dalton was taught leadership skills in the areas of hospitality, scheduling, service, and organizing different events; specifically focusing on running Campy Christmas.

“I learned so much about the gift of hospitality during Waypoint” Dalton said. “From it, I matured a lot, learned time management and how to be more efficient. I faced some really hard moments where I was really stretched, but through this, God taught me to be quiet and find rest in him.”

Though this program is geared towards camp ministry, Dalton continues applying his experience to other aspects of his life. Dalton is working towards earning his K-8 teaching certificate and recognizes that he learned to serve and care for those around him well from his different work experiences at Camp Cho-Yeh.

“Every college student should do camp ministry one summer” Dalton said. “It brings so much growth and shapes you spiritually. It’s really all about making disciples and you learn that here. I try to live by Francis Chan’s statement of ‘We need to be people that go to bed tired’ because we are working hard serving the Lord in all we do. At Cho-Yeh, you learn to live a life of service.”