High School

How Camp Cho-Yeh Impacts Your High Schooler

The following desired outcomes were created with the help of a child development expert, keeping the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual maturity of this age group in mind.  

Cultivating Faith


High school campers will develop a deeper and more personal understanding of God’s story and recognize that they are called into the ongoing story of God’s activity.   Campers will consider their role in the story and how their individual spiritual gifts can serve the kingdom of God.


Campers will understand and experience the role that group prayer, Bible study, and worship play in developing Christian community.  Campers will develop tools to have meaningful personal devotions.


Campers will understand how God’s love for the world continues to unfold in ongoing activity and intervention. Campers will identify how God is active in their own lives.  

Nurturing Community


Campers will recognize that effective communication involves deeply listening to the other.  Campers will take responsibility for conflict management.  Campers will discover the importance of not only apology or one-sided forgiveness, but of lasting reconciliation.


Campers will identify the biblical truth that we all play different roles in the body of Christ.  Camper will begin to explore and recognize their own specific role in a team structure.


Campers will be empowered with ways to respond to needs around them through acts of love or service.  

Forging Character


Campers will apply the principles of integrity to their everyday decision making processes.


Campers will understand and personalize what it means to have your identity rooted in Christ.  Campers will develop confidence in who God created them to be.


Campers will develop grit and demonstrate that growing towards our God-given potential involves challenging ourselves and moving beyond what we see as safe/comfortable.

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