Junior High

How Camp Cho-Yeh Impacts Your Jr High Camper

The following desired outcomes were created with the help of a child development expert, keeping the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual maturity of this age group in mind.  

Cultivating Faith


Campers will begin to critically wrestle with their own faith and develop the ability to articulate their faith in their own words.


Campers will continue to participate in personal and corporate disciplines of faith in a way that strengthens their Biblical understanding and develops the body of Christ.


Campers will come face to face with difficult questions and gain an understanding of where and how to find answers in a healthy way.  

Nurturing Community


Campers will place themselves learn how to gain the perspective of others and begin to understand their feelings. Campers will learn to choose words with awareness of the impact those words have on others.


Campers will develop as true team players by actively including others to achieve goals together.


By engaging in acts of service, campers will begin to put all aspects of community development together, as they discover the emotional and physical needs of others.  

Forging Character


Campers will move past basic honesty toward full alignment in word and deed.


Campers will develop a clearer sense of how God has made them individually, allowing them to consider their identity apart from friends and family. Campers will demonstrate an ability to self-advocate among adults and with their peers.


Campers will learn to challenge their limits in order to increase the size of their world. They will recognize that there are great things on the other side of difficult tasks and stressful situations if they handle themselves well.  

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