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How Camp Cho-Yeh Impacts You as a Staffer

The following desired outcomes were created with the help of a development expert, keeping the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual maturity of this age group in mind.


Cultivating Faith


Staff members will use their knowledge of, and experience with, God’s story to effectively share it with campers, guests, and each other in age appropriate ways.


Staff will effectively maintain their own relationship with God through personal and corporate disciplines. Staff will also engage in these disciplines with campers as spiritual leaders and mentors.


Staff will demonstrate integrity in their understanding and belief that we are saved God’s grace alone through Jesus Christ. Staff will be regularly given opportunity to rely fully on Christ


Nurturing Community


Staff will work toward transparency while they practice, initiate, and lead crucial conversations among campers and peers at appropriate times.


Staff will practice follower-ship in the community as they gain understanding of their identity within the Body of Christ. Team involvement will be at a level of mutuality as challenges are presented.


Staff will learn to lay aside their own desires and comforts in the interest of serving campers, guests, and coworkers. Staff will seek out each other’s burdens in order to bear them together.


Forging Character


In decision making, staff will exercise good judgment with appropriate timing. Once a decision is made, follow through will reflect a commitment to honor their word.


Staff should be differentiated people, not overly dependent on their families or other individuals but rather confident in their own God-given abilities. They are expected to step forward and take initiative when needed.


Staff will persevere and choose joy in the face of ongoing challenges and demonstrate resiliency when things have not gone well. Staff will respond to frustrations and discomfort in emotionally mature ways.


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