Donor Spotlight: Jon and Kelly Rood

By: Abby Wyllie

Posted: 10.11.18

Jon and Kelly Rood’s family has been involved with Cho-Yeh for the past eight years but the last three have been different.

The thing that has been unique about the last three years is that Jon and Kelly began investing in Cho-Yeh with their financial resources. The initial motivation for doing so was because they directly saw the fruit of Camp’s ministry in their child’s life. However, when they looked around the local community, they realized that the impact of Cho-Yeh reached far beyond the gates of Camp.

Jon and Kelly have lived in Livingston all their lives and have witnessed the way that Cho-Yeh’s staff invests in the surrounding community by plugging into local ministries. The dynamic people that work at Cho-Yeh have helped to impact a culture and a town by their willingness to make a difference outside of Camp.

Jon and Kelly’s daughter, Alyssa, had her first Christian Camp experience at Cho-Yeh where she discovered a love and passion for Camp and experienced monumental growth in her faith. This growth impacted the way that she lived her life throughout the year and Jon and Kelly desire for other kids to have that same opportunity for lasting change.

With so many possible ministries to give money to, the reason that Jon and Kelly continue to give to Cho-Yeh is simple according to them, “Running a great program costs money. A lot of families don’t have the disposable income to send their kids to Camp and it would be a shame if someone’s ‘forever’ wasn’t impacted because of cost.”

Jon and Kelly’s donations to Cho-Yeh enable campers from all backgrounds to be able to attend and experience the love, friendships, and spiritual growth that their own daughter experienced.

We are so grateful for people like the Rood’s that come alongside this ministry and make eternal impacts through their resources.